John Cordeiro

New Job!


I got a new job at Matrix Controls in Brampton. I have to wanted to pursue a career as a computer programmer for a very long time. I am looking forward to do it for a living professionally and getting real experience.

Selling My Truck


I am selling my truck. It's a 2003 Freightliner mid-roof. Please see that link for more details and use contact in menu to inquire.

Digital Ocean


Digital Ocean my go to server hosting, I have been having a great experience with it so far. The ssd's are noticeable in the speeds of the server. The boot time and bandwidth speeds are incredible.

DuckDuckGo Challenge


I am going to try to use DuckDuckGo as my search engine. I have used it a little and am impressed so far. Instant answer and hacks are handy for example you can type your cron job preceded by cron and will give you an easy to read definition of the job. Great if someone is new to crontab.

Finished Web Site


Finished this web site as per instructors guidelines. We were asked to make a 5 page site but quickly turned to 8 to have a reasonable amount menu links. The copyright, terms and privacy were mandatory. I made it as responsive as possible and a blog style where I can add more content easily. I got 100% on it so happy about that.

Final exam for Operating Systems


Just finished the final exam today for the course Operating Systems. It went well I thought. Compared to the others I was slow on the questions but quicker making the script for the second part of the exam. It was a little awkward bringing the big rig into Humber because had to head to Ajax after with a load.

Creating this website


Starting creating this website today as the final project for Web Programming and Design. CSS3 can have unexpected results, padding and margin will take some getting use to. Learning a lot doing a real website.

Computer Programming Certificate


I am working towards the Computer Programming Certificate from Humber College North Campus in Toronto Ontario.
Certificate, offered at Humber North Campus, will provide students with the skills necessary to enter the workplace as a computer programmer. From Windows applications using Visual C# to database design with SQL to building graphical user interfaces for android mobile.

Operating Systems


Operating Systems is another course I am currently taking from Humber. I run Arch Linux on my laptop, desktop and home media server. So I was really looking forward to learn about shell scripting under Unix as I would benefit from that knowledge immediately. I found bash scripting syntax familiar but yet very different at the same div. Parenthesis and curly braces used heavily in some scenarios. Regular expression was new to me also, and hard to find good resources on so far.